FLANNEL FEST w/Washed in Black, Superunknown, and Plush
J-Fell Presents

Washed in Black

Superunknown, Plush

All Ages

The definitive Pearl Jam Tribute Washed in Black is comprised of a group of seasoned musicians reigning from the great Pacific Northwest. Banded together to pay homage to the music of Pearl Jam and to bring the full concert experience of one of the most prolific bands of our time. Through their tribute in both full concert, and unplugged formats, the aim to capture the sound, spirit, and vibe that helped to define a bold new era in rock. It is their goal with each performance to share that experience, and the vibe, that literally defined an era with their friends and fans. Playing all the PJ hits with a few deep cuts in authentic Pearl Jam fashion; From the live vibe of the music, to the energetic and acrobatic performance...... The only thing better are the boys in Pearl Jam themselves! Relive some memories, join with friends, & make new ones of both. Come on out to one of the premier casino resorts around and help us Make America Grunge Again - Salud!

Superunknown features some familiar Northwest talent — including the epic wail of Rich Ray (Ramble On, Jukebox Heroes) and the shred of LiquidLight guitarist Anthony Medici — creating an experience dedicated to a band that not only helped define a generation, but also shaped musicians like those in Superunknown.This band is coming in heavy, like tightrope walking on 2-ton shoes.

Bullhorns, boas and guitars…just part of the formula for Plush – tribute to Stone Temple Pilots in re-creating the sights & sounds of grunge icons STP. Plush endeavors to bring the high-energy performance, unique lead vocals, guitar tones, lush vocal harmonies and intense rhythms that catapulted Stone Temple Pilots to alternative rock royalty.

Venue Information:
Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR, 97202